Blogs I Follow: My Daily Inspirations

Oh Joy! – Modern lifestyle with baby in mind.
Cupcakes & Cashmere – She’s easily the Martha Stewart for 20-somethings! Great source for a put-together home, wardrobe, and events.
Love, Taza/Rockstar Diaries – A New Yorker mama’s daily blog about her family. I love how real she is, her insanely easy but modern style, and the photos of her kids. Makes me want to take photos all day!
A Beautiful Mess – Be sure to download their iPhone app! Great food, fashion & home ideas.
The Fitnessista – Great work out tips (especially for yoga, Zumba, and pilates) and great tips on nutrition. Her recipes (some baby food ones) and food recommendations are great!
The Beauty Department – A staple for keeping beauty ideas up to date, but simple.
Milk Friendly – A Hawaiian mama (by way of San Diego). Love her care-free, ocean style and her support for breast feeding mamas.
Small Fry – A go-to blog for all things kid-related. A good source for all moms and mom-to-be’s!
Honey We’re Home – Well… A home design blog. Her style is enviable.
Honey We’re Healthy – recipes and work outs. This lady (same blogger as Honey We’re Home), lost 40 lbs and continues to keep it off and live healthy. Inspiration!
Blogilates – Funny funny lady with energetic posts about beauty, workouts, and yummy recipes! Makes working out seem so fun.
Wedding Chicks – Makes me want to redo my wedding every year! Just kidding (mostly)! Free printables and templates are easy to transform for any event!
On To Baby – By the Wedding Chicks, but all about the next stage! Also has great free printable and a great source for party & photo inspiration.
Apartment Therapy – Awesome source for decor ideas in small areas or rentals, and for all categories from expensive to thrifty.


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