Celebrating our Second Anniversary


My husband. He’s great. And he’s also super awful at keeping surprises secret. Which is why I was actually surprised by the surprise date he took me on for our 2 year anniversary. It was long overdue since we were so busy with his graduation, then he actually got to go to our church’s youth camp as a leader (finally after three years – God bless his soul for actually enjoying spending time with a huge group of teens. I definitely do not have that talent. Give me 20 toddlers over 5 teens, any day.), plus our opposite work schedules and trying to find a sitter during the weeknight, well… Obviously, it took a while to get ourselves out to celebrate.

So I rushed home, got ‘dressed up’, dropped Em off with a friend and off we went! He took me all the way to the edge of a little town called Dayton where there is this little whole-in-the-wall, Mom-&-Pop 4 star rated restaurant that you would not know existed unless you actually knew it existed. It was so great once we were there. He wine & dined me… Like a real gentleman! Ordered the wine, ordered for me, no holds barred. And the food was insane (my #2 most favorite meal of all time, right after the scallops I had at Merriman’s on our honeymoon in Maui… oh gooooooooooossshhh). Mr. got the veal piccata, and I had the wiener schnitzel. Oh my gooooooooooooooodnesssssss, I am salivating just thinking about it. 

All in all, it was the perfect evening. Close enough to Em, but far enough away to feel like we got away for a while. So relaxing to just sit and talk with Mr. Great food, wine, dessert, and time reconnecting with the love of my life. And great food, did I mention that?! I’m a sucker for good food.


First time going to a restaurant that had my winery on the menu! And two other fab fave wineries, too! You know you’re at a good place when Doubleback, FIGGINS, & Leonetti are all on the menu. 😉


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