Happenings: The Tarver Fam Turns Two!

_MG_7746Photograph by Zach Mathers Photography


Although we were married two years ago today, I honestly don’t count this as our “anniversary”. It’s a big day in my mind, a great day that was the start of something awesome, a special day because we had mostly everyone we love the dearest in one location and told them how much we love one another. But there is a day bigger than this, that when I think back on it, I smile. I think back on it, and measure our journey from there.

September 1, 2009.

Remember that day? We had a “discussion” about becoming “official”. It makes me laugh now how seriously we took it then. It seemed so easy, and the story up to that point of us was so perfect, so precisely matched by a bigger Planner, we knew it was something good and had to see where this took us. It was so exciting but so nonchalant, like it was what it was, naturally.

That day, to me, is where “we” began. It’s when our family was formed, when we committed ourselves to whatever it was that we were to be. Somehow I think we knew it was going to be immensely difficult at times, but I am so glad we have had our humor, our love, our God, our friends, and our families to make it sweeter, easier, and help us laugh despite the hardship we faced.

I’m so grateful for you, for our love, and our story so far. For our daughter who is the spitting image of you and a mirror of me, almost like the best of us was rolled up into one little Nugget (love you!). You have become my comfort, my protector, my helper, and my bestest friend.

So, Happy 3 Years, 9 Months, 17 days my love! Excited to see where we go in the next 20,000 days ahead!

XO(infinity)+whatever you say,

Your Missus.

P.s. – 2009 we met, 2010 we were engaged, 2011 we married, 2012 we had Em. Every year has been marked by something great! I’m interested in seeing what 2013 has in store for us.


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