How are ya?

So… I realize its been since July that I’ve posted anything. Booo! But let’s just say that I’ve been a little busy.

August and September were filled with wonderful baby showers, last trips home, and preparing ourselves and our home for a new little member of the family.

October 7th we welcomed our little joy, Emery Mae.  Weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces, 21.5 inches long at 7:32 pm. Birth was awesome. If it wasn’t for the whole pregnancy for 9.5 months, I would follow the Duggar‘s in a heartbeat. There will be a post later on our birthing experience. 🙂

So for the next two months after that, it was maternity leave. Just me and le bebe. And many many many trips home to see the Grandparents. Whoever said being a stay at home mom was easy? They are either still in high school or have no kids. But despite the hard adjustment, being home with my baby was heaven.

In December, I went back to work. God definitely has a knack for perfect timing. December is the right month to come back to work (especially at the Winery) because its dead. And there is a holiday. Win!

And then January came too soon, with two parents getting sick twice, a few car issues, childcare stresses and the such. And as a result of this splendid month, Rob and I (and Emmy) will be staying in Walla Walla until June. Heartbreak. But its ok! We fully believe that God is good in all circumstances, even this one. He already knows how things work out, and our job is just to have faith that it will. Easy peasy. Kinda.

So now, us Tarver’s are just looking forward to Valentine’s day! This year, it lands on February 15th for us (which I’m totally cool with). I’m thinking some amazing pasta from our Italian restaurant, maybe some bubblies and gelato, and a movie. Suggestions on great Valentine’s day movies are much welcomed!

And speaking of holidays… I am my mother. I caught myself red handed trying to buy heart earrings, finding my Valentine’s day socks, looking to buy a heart sweater and decorations for this blessed event. For those that know my mom and her amazing ability to coordinate her accessories with the most current holiday, and my lacking of such, this is a shocker. I even have a bajillion Pinterest ideas and Etsy “favorites” for Emmy’s Valentine’s day outfit. It’s happening. My poor poor anti-holiday husband. Muahahahaha!

So get ready for an onslaught of posts about baby and such… I have to make up for lost time. 😉

P.s. I now have an Etsy shop! Check it out! More stuff to come!


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