Happenings: Moving Day for the Tarvers!

Actually, we moved over a week ago. How time flies when you’re super busy! We were so blessed by how many new and old friends came to help us, and my parents for sticking around and doing some heavy-duty work around the house with us.  My wonderful bestie, Devon, decided to take the 2.5 hour trip from Pullman to help us move, and she brought the best surprise! Donuts and a great friend, Kelsey! It was great to just have a night before all the chaos to go downtown for gelato and drinks (ok, ok… it was a Shirley Temple- extra cherries, please!) with my girls, followed by an early morning walk with the dogs and coffee chit-chat with Dev at Starbucks. Then the fun began! Thanks to my expert-mover dad and all the hands to help, we got out of the Sumach apartment and into the Broadway house in 2 hours. How’s that for a quick move?! We even got the kitchen all unpacked before dinner.

We then took my parents and my sister downtown to Marcy’s for burgers and ice cream (surprise, surprise) at Brights. Not healthy, but eh! We moved all day, right?!

Before my parents and sister sadly left us on Sunday, we had to tackle the jungle (aka, our backyard). Four and a half hours later, and a huge improvement, the guys made it out alive with a few minor (and one major) cuts and bruises… But there’s still a lot and a lot and a lot of work to do. They hooked up our washer and drier and hit the road. Then the hard part, when I start to shed a few tears and get all sappy because my parents just left. Thank goodness my husband deals so well with a grown woman who cries when her family leaves. Best Husband Award!

Moving is never a fun task, even when it is your own home, so our appreciation is deep for all who spent a glorious Saturday to haul boxes and other random things from our shoe-box apartment to our new home. Thank you, Devon, Kelsey, Dusty, Sarah, Ryan, Carlye, Bri, Mom & Dad! It really meant a lot to us, and we were so blessed to spend the first few moments in our new home, filled with people who have a special place in our hearts.


One thought on “Happenings: Moving Day for the Tarvers!

  1. Liisa Noel says:

    I balled like a baby when my mom left after Hannah was born. She was there for two weeks…. I still get in my little funks of not wanting to leave whenever I am around family. Totally know how you feel, and pregnancy hormones on top of that, I felt like I cried once a day. xoxo -L

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