DIY: Project Planning Worksheets

With our upcoming move into a new house, the baby coming sooner than later, and being on a pretty tight budget, I have a lot of DIY projects on the brain. I also have a need to write every single idea down on scratch pieces of paper, receipts, or a billion different sticky notes that end up cluttering my purse, desk, car console and night stand. Result? Chaos. And nothing gets accomplished. Solution? A DIY Project Planning Worksheet! Genius!

To be extra organized and domestic, I ran to Staples and grabbed a binder and dividers (from the Martha Stewart Home Office Collection, of course). In one section, I have a calendar with all the weekends I have blocked out for such DIY project, as well as blog posts, trips, and special dates. I then have a tab for my DIY Project Planning Worksheets, and another for my Budget Worksheets (coming in a later post). Now I really feel like a Martha. Its a good thing? I’d say so.

Click the link below to use the form I created for your own DIY Projects! Best of luck!



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